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The ILWU Memorial Association

The ILWU Memorial Association (M.A.) was reorganized in 1992 as a nonprofit labor organization, separate and distinct from the ILWU Local 142. The purpose of the M.A. is: “to promote the labor organizational and educational efforts of the ILWU Local 142.

The ILWU buildings and property in Hawaii are owned by the M.A. and leased to Local 142. The M.A. is responsible for administration and funding of all pensioner programs of ILWU Local 142.

President: Robert Girald (Kauai)
Vice-President: Fred Galdones (Hawaii)
Secretary/Treasurer: Mel Chang (Oahu)
Director: William Kennison (Maui)
Director: Roy Jardine (Hawaii)
Director: Clayton Dela Cruz (Kauai)
Director: Abel Kahoohanohano, Jr. (Maui)
Director: Guy Fujimura (Local)