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Longshore maintenance settles

ILWU longshore maintenance units reached a contract settlement which was approved by members on November 15, 2008. Members of the union committee include: Spokesperson Wesley Furtado, Leith Suganuma, Wes Miyashiro, Dennis Inouye, Michael Tompkison, Chris Ancheta, and Darrol Lacar. Tyrone Tahara, Nate Lum and Kimo Brown also participated in negotiation sessions.

Gay & Robinson to quit sugar in 2009

Gay & Robinson sugar members listen to the details and vote to approve a shut-down agreement the union negotiated with management. The company expects to complete its final harvest of the existing crop by the end of 2009.

Libraries thank ILWU for donations

A letter from State Librarian Richard Burns thanked the ILWU for donating 50 copies of A Spark Is Struck! Jack Hall and the ILWU in Hawaii to the Hawaii State Public Library System.

The libraries still had 29 copies of the original book which has circulated 347 times—one copy has been loaned out 57 times.

Of the 51 state libraries on six islands, three small libraries declined the gift book and three libraries requested an extra copy.

The total list value of the 50 books is estimated at about $900 and will help the libraries provide the public with an important historical resource on the history of Hawaii and the ILWU.

Department of Education (DOE) Superintendent Patricia Hashimoto also thanked the ILWU for donating copies of the book which will be distributed to secondary school libraries in the public school system throughout the state. Those copies were valued at $1,584.

Waimea office moves to Honokaa

Effective November 27, 2008, the ILWU Waimea office in the Uilani Plaza at 64-1035 Mamalahoa Highway in Kamuela will close.

The office operations will relocate to the Jack Hall Union Hall at 45-3720 Honokaa-Waipio Valley Road. The new phone number is 808-775-0443 and the fax number is 808-775-0477.

Mail can be sent to ILWU, PO Box 1635, Honokaa, HI 96727.

Division clerk Sui Sin Coloma and Business agents Elmer Gorospe and Greg Gauthier will be working out of the Honokaa Office.

ILWU Local 142 leaves State AFL-CIO

In an effort to cut expenses, the ILWU Local 142 has temporarily withdrawn its affiliation with the Hawaii State AFL-CIO.

The departure of the ILWU from the State AFL-CIO has no impact on the unity and solidarity of Hawaii’s labor movement. The ILWU has always worked closely with unions in the AFLCIO and unions that are not part of the AFL-CIO.

The move will save the ILWU about $9,000 a month in dues paid to the State AFL-CIO. The ILWU remains affiliated with the National AFL-CIO.

The National AFL-CIO has many lower level organizations at the state and even city level as well as industrial councils such as the building trades and metal trades.

AFl-CIO unions may join any of these subgroups but must pay dues based on the size of their membership.

The ILWU remains on good terms with the Hawaii State AFL-CIO and will continue to work closely with them where there is common interest, such as political action. 

On the Neighbor Islands, the ILWU works with AFL-CIO and non-AFLCIO unions through the Maui Island Labor Alliance and the Big Island Labor Alliance. Non AFL-CIO unions are not part of the Hawaii State AFL-CIO.

Understanding dual medical coverage—what the words mean

 —continued from page 7

Participating doctors - Some doctors are approved to work with the fee for service plan and are also called “in the network.” Other doctors are not in the network and you would pay a much higher percentage of the medical bill.

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) - Kaiser is an example of a HMO where you go to a Kaiser operated clinic for all of your medical needs.

Coordinated Benefits - If you belong to two health plans, the plans work together to reduce or eliminate your out-of-pocket expenses. One plan is primary and pays first. The other plan is secondary and pays “out-ofpocket “ costs.

Primary coverage - Automobile and workers compensation insurance are primary and you must apply to them first (not the H&W plan) to pay your medical costs.

Medicare benefits - Medicare Parts B & D are optional medical plans which can be purchased separately after age 65 or earlier for certain disabilities.